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Over the past week or so I went ahead and made some more investments in the infrastructure at home to give me both more flexibility in how I get things done and to resolve some issues with the wireless and wired networks. While none of these issues were critical, they could certainly break my concentration during times where concentration is important to ensure I don’t make mistakes. It’ll also assist me with getting my writing done.

New Laptop

I have purchased a new laptop (DistorteD on the technology page) to give me more flexibility in how I get things done. I am able to bring this laptop with me to work or wherever else I am going where I would have access to Wi-Fi. In the event that I ever need to travel either for personal or work reasons, I will still have a decent machine on me suited for programming, server management, or writing.

I’ve more or less replaced the old laptop which had specs that were more suited for low-end gaming rather than getting anything done productively. While I’ll keep that laptop around for cases where it might be useful as a lender, I am not going to be actively maintaining it like the rest of my machines.

The decision to purchase a Lenovo laptop was due to both the reputation of Lenovo as a rather solid choice in business-style laptops and the specs being nearly perfect for what I was looking for. Having tested it over the weekend, I am pretty confident in saying that it suits my needs quite well. However, I do plan on replacing one of the SSDs in the near future to give me more space.

New Networking Hardware

Since we have had some limitations on the local network, I have gone ahead and added a new router to the network which means the Comcast-provided modem/router combo is now currently in bridge mode. I chose a GT-AX11000 due to the raw specs of the router, the 2.5 Gbe LAN port, and for the sake of having 3 different wireless networks. We have one of the networks isolated for just a few devices to give them better performance. I have yet to test whether this makes much of a difference, but will be doing so in the near future.

On top of adding the router to the mix, I have also replaced the switch in my room with a TRENDnet 8-Port unmanaged switch with 2.5 Gbe ports. Since my desktop (MareNectaris) has a 2.5 Gbe port on it, it makes sense to start upgrading some of the infrastructure to match. Other devices on the network are still gigabit, but I will make adjustments as needed. Unfortunately, the Synology device (MeiNAS) isn’t exactly upgradable, but I do have it set up with both ethernet ports bonded.

Future Improvements

While I have a few ideas in mind, I don’t have any immediately ideas in terms of improving the infrastructure itself. I did acquire a new wireless mechanical keyboard for testing and a new mouse for my main computer. I ended up with a G502 Lightspeed as my primary mouse since I have been a huge fan of the wired mouse for a long time. I have three of them all in working order, though they could all use a bit of attention to get them cleaned up and ready to be reused.

I chose the Keychron K4A3 as a test run for using a wireless mechanical keyboard. It’s one of the more compact sizes of the keyboard making it a pretty good keyboard for on-the-go, but some of the choices in key placement make it difficult for me to use for programming purposes. It would work great with a tablet or a laptop on the go when a mechanical keyboard makes more sense to use (writing for long periods of time). However, for general use, I am leaning towards getting the full-size version of the same keyboard.

Outside of this, I am considering replacing the capture card in my desktop. While the current capture card works fine, it has been discontinued by the vendor. I am thinking about upgrading to the latest 4K revision just to future-proof it and to be able to take advantage of the higher resolution for future projects.

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