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Switched to Ghost

I've been meaning to check out the progress that Ghost has made on their platform and decided to check it out this afternoon. I've also been eyeing those ".moe" domain names for a while, thus I decided to move the blog over to a new domain.

Most of the stuff on the previous blog isn't all that important thus I won't move too much over to here. I'm still in the process of getting everything set up and putting up some information about myself for people to access as well as on the different projects I am working on.

Weight Loss

For the past two to three months I have been working on losing weight by making some changes to my diet. Over the past couple of weeks I made a rather drastic change by adopting a keto diet. I've generally been skeptical of such diets, but this one while being difficult for me to achieve given that I love pasta, has actually been working out quite nicely.

Overall, I am nearing the 30 lbs lost mark which will put me at around 265 lbs. My driver's license lists me at 260 lbs, so it'll be great to see myself at a weight lower than I was quite a while ago.

The goal by the end of the year is to be under 220 and the goal by August is to be under 250. I can definitely see myself achieving those goals with this dieting and with increasing my exercise.

A really awesome side effect of the weight loss and the new diet is I am finding I have significantly more energy than I did before I started making all of these changes. This is going to help me make a lot more progress towards my goals for the year which do include finishing a rough draft for the story I am working on and finish building the Digitalcyon website. I'll put up some more information on current projects here within the next couple of weeks.

4/24 Update: Weighed at 264 lbs this morning!



I am a rhythm game addict that loves anime, professional wrestling, and some really weird hobbies that I like to write about. Currently trying to break into creative writing.

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