Stardew Valley Addiction and Dieting

Recently I have been finding myself addicted to Stardew Valley. It was a game that I had a heavy interest when it first came out and played quite a bit of, but decided to take a break when multiplayer was originally announced to prevent myself from getting tired of the game.

Now that the multiplayer beta has come out, I've been finding myself playing it quite a lot more than I originally was.

My roommate and I have a co-op game going right now with a couple others that join in from time to time. It is quite addicting to be able to play with friends and try to coordinate what you're doing to make progress on multiple fronts.

The multiplayer beta does have its share of bugs, but for the most part things seem to be running quite well.

Once we have the farm where we want it in terms of layout and progress made, I'll be sure to post some screenshots on here. We're in Fall Year 1 right now and are making our way to the Winter where we will be spending a lot of time in the mines.

On a side note: Dieting sucks. I've been essentially doing a Keto diet as a means to help myself lose weight and get more energy. I originally ended up finding some information on it and just decided to see if it was something I could make work on a daily basis. This year I am currently 40 lbs, most of that weight loss being during a time when I was on the diet. While I don't want to be one of those people that tells everyone that there is some perfect diet, I can at least say that the past two months I have been more energetic than I have in perhaps the past 10 years.



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