Restructuring My Living Areas

I've always been a generally disorganized person. This has made my life a bit difficult over the years as I have a number of hobbies that I love to explore, but I don't really have the room to be able to do it all since older hobbies are taking up space. Since I started dieting and exercising, I've been having a lot more energy lately and therefore I've been making a number of lifestyle changes including reorganizing my living areas.


My bedroom is also my office, and thus there is not a lot of free space. The four elements that take up space in my room are my work area, my writing desk, my bed, and a larger dresser.

Instead of completely doing the laundry, I was using a system where I had a basket for clean clothes and a basket for dirty clothes. This was the ultimate lazy strategy for making sure I had clean clothes, but ultimately it also took up space in my room.

Today I took the final step towards organizing all of my clothes by putting them into drawers. I have shirts ready to be put into the closet, but since my work area is right in front of the closet, I need to take some time out to take down a green screen in order to put some stuff away in the closet.

I am planning to get a stand for the green screen that I use for work stuff or for videos that way I can put it up when I need it and take it down when I need access to the closet.

Anything I don't need daily access to is going to be put away in the closet once I identify the best way for me to organize all of the items inside of it. Once that is done, my room should have a lot of extra space and it should be a lot easier to maintain.

Living Room

My area in the living room contains a large desk for my gaming computer. This is where I spend my weekend and some of my weekday evenings if I decide to not do something productive. Not much really to point out here, but I will upload a picture of this space with my desktop there.

Overall I am pretty happy with the progress I have been making on becoming more organized and to get rid of things that I don't really need anymore. I've got a few things such as a musical keyboard and a couple of rhythm game controllers that I never get to use since I never have the space for them. That is changing as I speak, and soon I will be able to focus more time on the hobbies that I want to pursue as I don't have space limitations preventing me from doing so.



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