Progress in Python

I am quite proud of the progress I have been making with Python within the past few weeks. After deciding to start doing some online classes, I am becoming significantly more comfortable with coding in Python. While I am still making mistakes as I am coding, I know it is going to take time to figure it all out and to become consistent with it.

Right now, I am working on building a text-based RPG in Python with a number of different features including traveling, exploring, an item system, and of course a combat system. It will be a basic 1 on 1 combat system, but the idea is to get it working and to implement all of the features and then to move onto starting on the next project. The whole project will be uploaded to Github to share with the rest of the world in case anyone is interested in working with the code to make something of their own.

In addition to working on that project I have been going through the Learn Python 3 the Hard Way lessons and am around chapter 40 in it. I am planning to finish it up either by the end of this week or by the end of the weekend. Once I am done with this, I am going to start figuring out the next steps in terms of learning about communicating with databases and will probably do some work towards being able to connect to and maintain a connection to an IRC server for the Leverbot project.

I have decided to go ahead and put off streaming for now since I am doing a lot of work towards understanding Python and trying to improve my coding capabilities since I want to move into that direction professionally. At least for the month of August I will probably be limiting the amount of time that I will spend on stuff not related to these projects. This will give me the time I need to develop my understanding of Python and coding in general not to mention help me improve myself as a person.



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