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I wouldn’t claim that I am the deepest sleeper in the world. Sometimes it takes the smallest things to wake me up. Being a light sleeper is one of the main reasons why I sleep with a loud fan right next to me. Keeping the noise profile around me consistent allows for me to fall asleep and get good quality sleep at night.

Every night without fail I managed to wake up after a few hours. During this time I usually take a quick glance at my phone, take a quick trip to the restroom, and lay back down to either sleep for a few hours or for the rest of the night. Some nights are easier than others, but those nights where I do stay asleep, I am sure to get at least a decent amount of rest (provided I went to bed at a reasonable time).

Waking up before my alarm ever goes off is usually a sign of a great day. Generally my phone alarm is a recommendation that I get myself out of bed. I plan it well enough that I can usually get away with snoozing it 2-3 times, but on most days I don’t find myself doing it more than once. However, that usually means that I am still a bit sleepy and getting out of bed can be a bit difficult.

If I manage to get myself up and out of bed before the alarm even manages to go off, it is usually a sign that I am already starting to wake up and therefore will be on top of things. Those mornings are some of the best mornings I can ask for. Today is one of those mornings.

My process is quite simple. I woke up, grabbed a quick bite, and made myself a handcrafted cup of joe. (By handcrafted, I mean grinding the beans using a hand grinder and doing a pour-over.)

While some people genuinely seem to be cursed by their alarm clock in the morning, I have been blessed with the ability to get myself out of bed on my own most of the time. It’s a great indicator that I got the right amount of sleep, that I am on top of things, and most importantly I am not specifically stressed by something.

This morning’s brew:

Honestly, it’s a pretty great blend for my morning coffee. My roommate picked it up from Trade Coffee since he managed to run out. His subscription halted as his card expired and he didn’t realize it, so he needed to make a rush order to get more coffee here. Overall, it’s a blend that I would definitely recommend.

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