Personal Development + Weight Progress

At the start of this year I had begun to feel as though my life had hit a brick wall. Every year at the start of it I would always proclaim that I was going to turn my life around. That it would be the year when I finally make progress towards some of my life-long goals. Every year I would fail to take the initiative to do so.

In February 2018 I decided to step on a scale. When the scale read 295 lbs I nearly felt my heart stop. It was that moment when you realize you’re actively working against yourself. I decided at that point to say “good riddance” to a lot of the things that were causing me to gain wait and further harm myself in the long-term.

It is currently October 2018. I weigh around 225 lbs right now. That’s a drastic loss of 70 lbs in 8 months. Since then I have noticed myself being in a much better mood, having more energy, and find it a lot easier to eat healthy rather than relying on fast food and pizza.

In March/April of this year I was searching for different ways to improve my weight loss and came across the ketogenic diet. I ultimately decided to give it a shot and while it has been a challenge to say the least, I have done a great job keeping to it around 95% of the time. From time to time I will take a cheat day or a short break from it, especially when there is something in town going on that would not work with the diet (like the craft brew festival a couple of months back).

I have significantly cut back on the carbs by ensuring the foods that I purchase are all things that are at most 1-2 carbs a serving and in most cases are 0 carbs. When I decide to drink alcohol, I am drinking hard liquor which contains 0 carbs as well, though I am also reducing how much and how often I consume to help with the weight loss. While I haven’t really had soda on a regular basis for around 4-5 years now, I completely avoid drinks that do not fit the ketogenic diet. Coffee and tea are my norms, moreso tea right now.

It hasn’t been the easiest adjustment to make in my life, but since deciding to put myself on a diet, I have become significantly more energetic and more alive during the day. Instead of letting things just fall apart around me, I am taking steps to actively improve my life. I’ve been learning some Python this year to give me more knowledge of programming (though I am taking a short break until November to resume). My room remains clean 95% of the time and I am on top of my laundry. I generally take much better care of myself and my surroundings as I never have to push myself to clean things up; I just naturally have the energy and the will to clean up around me.

While there are times when I am a bit more relaxed about what I am consuming, I at least have a general idea of what I am eating and drinking in terms of calories, carbs, and other nutritional factors. As a result, I have seen the weight come off and stay off. While I do from time to time eat a bit more than I should, I am not gaining more than one or two pounds at any time, and that weight comes off pretty quick once I am back on top of things. What started out as a small journey to try to lose some weight has turned into having more self-esteem and a lot more energy to actually be able to do things. While I am not quite at my goal yet (180 lbs approximately), I am making a lot of progress to get there and once I get there I intend to stay there.

If I can reach 200 lbs by the end of the year, reaching 180 lbs in the following year should be a simple long-term process. As my weight gets lower and lower it is definitely becoming more difficult to get the weight off, thus I am having to do more physically to be able to make progress. I am intending to put together some sort of setup near my computer to play StepMania again on an actual dance pad as a way to start losing more weight. I am sure putting in an hour or two every day will be a great way to start realizing that weight loss and to get myself into much better cardio shape.

By the end of 2018 I want to be at 200 lbs and by the end of 2019 I want to be at 180 lbs and to be in much better shape. I’m going to get there one way or another. I am really confident in that at this point. I also want to put some more time into streaming and a few other fun side projects such as working on my novel. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working on the best way to get a schedule going that I can remain on and will be taking steps with my diet to make it a bit more convenient to be able to actually do all of that. Fewer time spent eating and more time spent actually doing stuff.

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