My Addiction to Music

Recently I’ve had some thoughts about whether or not I have an addiction to music. Music is not something that someone would traditional think about in terms of addiction, but there could be a point in which music can have a negative effect on one’s life. I wanted to write up my thoughts on music and addiction as when I think about it, I wouldn’t really consider myself an addicted, but I am definitely addicted to it.

By definition, your attraction towards or use of something needs to have a negative effect on your life for it to be classified as an addiction. Music has not negatively impacted my life in a meaningful way. However, there have been times where I have decided to purchase an album to listen to rather than spend that money on some food, though I generally have some cheaper alternative to me available.

Can listening to music be an addiction? I think it certainly could be, but I don’t think the issue would be music addiction. In that case, I would consider it to be a habit of making poor choices instead.

Music plays a strong role in my daily life. At most times of the day I am either actively listening to something, or I have something playing in the background to help me focus on the task at hand. I generally don’t have silence for a long period of time unless I absolutely need it such as when I am sleeping or napping.

The concept of “being addicted to video games” is what brought me to the idea of addiction being something that can be attached to any concept. One can be addicted to generally anything if their time spent with that thing negatively affects their life. For example, someone could definitely be addicted to caffeine if they continue to consume it to a point where it prevents them from sleeping which in turn prevents them from being able to live their life normally. Some people are addicted to video games to a point where they will sacrifice their job and well being to continue playing games. I could see some people being to a point where they are addicted to either the creation of or the consumption of music to a point where it has drastic consequences on their life.

What’s the difference between addiction and passion? There are a lot of creative and talented musicians that have made a ton of sacrifices to get to where they are. At the time they were making those sacrifices, by definition, one could make the argument that they had an addiction to music. The term “starving artist” is definitely one that really highlights a potential issue that artists could have when they are too attracted to the art that they would actually sacrifice their own well-being.

While I am not a musician myself at this point, I do have a respect for artists that would go above and beyond for their art form. However, it always concerns me when I hear about artists that would sacrifice their own well being to produce something since that can have long-term negative effects which could affect their work in the future. In that same regard, I try to avoid making short-term sacrifices for gain that could result in long-term negative effects, though I am not always doing a great job of avoiding them.

Just figured I would post these thoughts on here. Nothing really meaningful here.

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