Morning Productivity

Actually quite proud of myself this morning. Figured I would write up something to remind myself what it's like to be productive.

First thing this morning I opted to handle some work emails so I didn't have to deal with them when the work day started. My office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, but I happened to be up at 5 AM this morning after a great sleep.

Next, I proceeded to finish up moving all of my work stuff to the laptop so I can have complete separation from work and personal projects. This involved ensuring all files are accessible to that machine, setting up remote desktop to be able to do all of my communication on that machine while using my local hardware, and then setting up DDNS and OpenVPN so I can access it remotely if I am out and about.

In addition to this, I handled dishes and laundry this morning to take care of some of my personal chores. Both of these have been waiting to be done for a few days now.

Tomorrow I will test the OpenVPN setup when I go out to eat with some family since that'll give me a good time of being out of the network to ensure that it is working, but I did connect to it on my own local network.

This afternoon I intend to continue my Python learning so I can get through the rest of the course. I'm not sure if I am going to jump into projects quite yet, or if I am going to seek further learning in Python. I have a couple of fun projects I want to work on, but I am wanting to make sure I have a solid grasp of the fundamentals before digging too far into coding. I am also thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi and an LED indicator light to create some sort of notification light for my desktop.

New Keyboard

Now that all of the stuff is in, I can present my new keyboard!


It is a Ducky One 2 Skyline with the Tai-Hao Starry Night ABS Double-Shot Keycap Set. The original keycaps on the keyboard are going to be moved to the Das 4 that I have to replace the shined keycaps that are currently on it. I just need to finish the cleaning process for the keyboard and get some stabilizers for the keys that require them since that keyboard uses them. The keycap set that I purchased didn't come with any, and I am having a hard time removing them from the original keycap set to reuse with the new one. I'm not in a hurry since I have a USB C cord at each computer making it easy to plug in the keyboard.



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