#Lounge Rules

To provide everyone a positive experience when chilling in the #lounge, I have some rules in place to make sure people aren't pushing each other's buttons. These may be updated from time to time, but I will generally have a notice in the channel if I have updated them recently.

Note: These rules are not the "end all be all" of everything in this channel. It is important to follow the rules of the server you're connected to and the network as a whole. It is also important to note that I am fully willing to discuss the rules if you think something is missing or something needs to be changed. Just send me a PM or bring it up in the channel. I try not to be a tyrant.

Flooding / Spamming

Please do not flood or spam the channel with repeated text or large amounts of text. If the text is actually relevant to the conversation, either paste it to pastebin first and provide a link in the chat, or give a heads-up if it's just a few lines that you're pasting into it. I give some leniency here and accidents do happen. I've accidentally pasted 20 lines of code into the channel multiple times.

Outside Drama

Drama which happens in other channels on the network or outside of the network involving two or more members of the channel should not be brought into this channel. We do not want to develop any ill will with others coming to the channel, especially considering that its supposed to be a relaxing environment.

Politics / Religion

These two subjects are ones that a lot of people do not want to discuss, but I am not going to completely remove them from the channel. If the discussion begins to become heated, please move the channel to a private message or to another channel to discuss. We do not need members of the channel developing ill will towards another over differences in political opinions or religious beliefs.

Pornographic Content

Most of the users in this channel are adults most likely. However, there may be users coming into the channel that are under the legal age in their respective country. If you're going to post a link to something of pornographic nature, please put up a warning ahead of posting it so those that need or want to avoid it are able to do so. Assume that any link you post is going to be seen and clicked on by everyone that visits the channel.

Illegal Activities

Do not provide any radishes or any radish-like substances to Kradorex under any circumstance, even if you're being compelled to against your will.