Lounge Rules

I believe our rules are simple and straight-forward. To foster interesting discussion and ensure that all of our regulars are comfortable in the channel, here are the following rules I would recommend following:


I would stay away from the topic of political debate. It’s fine to discuss current events, but if it starts to get to a point where people are arguing, I would suggest stepping away from the conversation. Nothing good can come from that discourse since most people aren’t willing to entertain others’ thoughts when it comes to politics.

Adult Content

Some adult content is fine in the channel as long as there is some sort of warning that the content is “NSFW”. Nothing illegal or extreme.

Illegal Content / Piracy

While I don’t really have much against people sharing pirated content, keep it out of the channel. It’s a server / network rule and in general it is good form to keep that stuff out of the channel. For illegal content, we don’t allow anything that would go against US or Canadian laws due to both my jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of the server I connect to. I would also take into consideration whether or not the content would be illegal in other countries before posting them as other servers on the network may be hosted elsewhere. You may be subject to removal from the network for breaking laws in other countries. I’m not here to enforce that, but I won’t allow anything illegal in the channel.


Anime is now illegal.


I would highly recommend getting permission before adding a bot to the channel. As long as it isn’t disruptive, I will generally allow it. Trivia bots and the like need to have their own channel as they disrupt discussion.


If you have any recommendations for additional rules or changes to the existing rules, feel free to let me know. I think most things are common sense, but I could’ve missed something important. I didn’t exactly back up my old blog when I switched back over to WordPress, so who knows what other rules I had that were helpful?