IRC RPG Update - Forums

To better organize what I am working on and to give anyone that decides to test the project or work on it with me I have decided to launch some forums specific to the development and discussion of the project.

People are able to register there and post bug reports or offer their suggestions on how to improve the project. I will also be putting progress updates on there as well as change logs once I get to a point where change logs matter.

Over the next few days I will be putting up a lot more information about what I am planning to work on and when I anticipate in having it done.

Right now, I am in the process of getting some of the basics for the registration process finished up and will enable people to register and log into their characters. There are a few things I am thinking about attempting to do, such as letting people tie their characters to NickServ, but I am not entirely sure how to go about doing it. It would be a great way to protect a character since it would require them to be authenticated via NickServ, but I do want to provide them an alternative method of authenticating with the bot to be able to play their characters.



I am a rhythm game addict that loves anime, professional wrestling, and some really weird hobbies that I like to write about. Currently trying to break into creative writing.

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