Improving 7-Key Performance / SDVX

I was recently clued on the existence of Yuancon after my other SDVX controller bit the dust due to lack of maintenance. Upon finding the website, I decided to see what others were saying about it and ended up joining the Discord server. As a result of everything I found, I went ahead and made the investment into a new controller (around $220 USD after all is said and done) and am eagerly awaiting my order to be fulfilled. While this won’t be for a while, I do plan to start streaming my use of the controller at some point with KSM.

This got me to think about the other rhythm game controller that I own. I’ve never really put much effort in switching over to using an IIDX controller as opposed to using a keyboard and decided that this would be a good opportunity for me to start doing that. I’ve still got a DJ Dao controller that works really well and have decided to go ahead and dust it off and figure out how it is that I am going to improve my performance using the controller.

My skill level declines drastically due to the existence of the turntable. It’s something that I think anyone that plays has difficulty with when they first start learning controller, but it seems a lot of the top players get around it by learning how to “wrist scratch”. I’ve decided to go ahead and give this method a shot as it can allow for me to handle more difficult songs, but will take a lot of adjusting to get used to.

With all of that being said, I will probably continue to play both with and without a controller over the next few months until I reach a point where I feel competent with the controller.

I’ve recently started to use Beatoraja over Lunatic Rave 2 as it runs much better, it is easier to navigate, and it doesn’t crashed every fifteen minutes. I’ll start streaming some Beatoraja next week and have already started to put up some YouTube videos of a few of my plays including an EX-HARD clear of the Genocide 2018 6th Dan course. I was pretty proud of that and decided to record the replay of it as something to compare to in the future.

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