How to Ruin Your Website

It seems recently Jimmy John's decided to change up how their menu works on their website. Prior to the update when you would check the menu, they provided a full breakdown of the nutritional facts which would update as you would make changes to the ingredients you want in your sandwich. As someone that is following a strict diet right now that made it easy to pick an option that works with my diet when I am too busy to be able to prepare the food myself.

Their most recent update removed all of that information and instead just displays approximately how many calories everything is. As you make changes, it doesn't even update the totals to give you an idea of how many calories you are going to be ordering which is really bad for health conscious people. Since the entire point is for me to save time by ordering through them, the amount of time I waste by having to calculate it myself completely negates the whole point of ordering from them in the first place.

For some reason a lot of companies are taking steps to remove useful features from their website while implementing trendy design decisions. I will personally stop ordering from them until they restore the original functionality, which means that's yet another restaurant that has lost my business.

Check out the abomination here:



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