How I Feel About UI Aesthetics

Ever since I owned my first computer I have been completely obsessed with finding the right user interface. Windows has been my main operating system of choice due to the ease of use and compatibility with all of the games and software I use, but I have also branched out into Linux. Every once in a while I get into this rut where I feel like my computer is bland and doesn’t really express who I am as a user.

This results in me changing the color scheme, the browser theme, the wallpaper, and other things to try to find a look that pleases my eye. It always results in me spending pointless hours trying to get things just right only for me to realize I am never going to be happy with it. I am inevitably just going to settle on something and I am going to realize I lost a lot of time doing that.

Despite realizing this, I always do this. Every couple of months I make a ton of changes to try to delight myself and inspire myself to be more productive, but it results in me being less productive than I normally would’ve been. It’s some sort of mental problem that I face that recurs from time to time despite having the ability to realize that it’s all pointless.

I was reflecting on this earlier today which inspired me to write this post.

To suggest that there is some deep meaning behind this post would be lying to you. If you’re reading this trying to find the unique insight I am willing to provide, you’re going to be disappointed. I don’t have anything meaningful to say. The entire point of this post is to simply put this out there and ask if anyone else feels the same way.

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