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Tentative Stream Schedule May 2021


While I am not guaranteeing anything as of right now since there are still a few things that are in the air, I am aiming to stream on a schedule at least twice a week during the week and once on the weekend. Right now, those hours, tentatively, will be: Wednesday: 7 PM ESTFriday: 7 PM ESTSaturday: 5 PM EST Times will get moved around personal events and what-not, but I don’t expect it to be...

Where I Am Mentally: April 2021


One of the things that I have been wanting to do for a while is document my mental status over time so I can see how I grow as a person. While I am not one to usually air out my “dirty laundry” online, I figure my blog is a great place to at least talk about some of the things on my mind and where I feel I am in recovery. It’s no secret that I have had troubles with alcohol in...

Starting Anew


Recently I have had a massive change in my life which has required me to look at things from a different perspective. As a result, I have decided to reshape my blog and start writing new articles and information from it. I’ll break down a few of the most recent revelations that have helped shape my worldview and to help people understand where I am coming from. Coming Out While I do not...