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Thoughts on Speedrunning HEARTBEAT

Ever since I first caught GDQ quite a few years ago the idea of speedrunning a game is something I have been very interested in. Whether it was watching the different events or watching people stream on Twitch, it was something I wanted to be involved in. The difficulty came in trying to find the right game for me. I first caught Games Done Quick in 2014 when I had moved down to Florida and watching the event became a form of escapism. It was an interesting way to pass the time and there were people online that were also interested in it. It quickly became one of my favorite pastimes. Until recently I...
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HEARTBEAT Is a Heartwarming Tale

Conveying emotion and making the player feel it is something that is difficult to do. It takes a balance of great storytelling and a sound that matches what is going on to get the player invested in what is going on. The most recent example of a game that I have played that nailed it from every angle would be Undertale. It was a game that rose to prominence despite being an independent title made almost solely by a single developer. HEARTBEAT is a game that I randomly happened upon when looking at a reviewer’s other reviews after finding myself to like the points they made. It was a game they...
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Wargroove Is an Awesome Game

Growing up one of the games that most influenced me was the Advance Wars series of games. This was both due to my love of chess-like games that involved turn-based strategy and the fact that it was a game that you could play when you were on-the-go, making it a go-to for when I needed something to pass the time. Ignoring the trauma of my game being stolen from me one night, it was a game series that I spent a lot of time playing and mastering. While I wouldn’t say I am one of the best, I can hold my own after having played a lot of games against other players and S-ranking the entire campaign in...
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