Bulletproof Coffee – A Follow-Up

I’ve been on the bulletproof coffee train for a while now and I can definitely tell that I notice a difference during the day. I don’t know if its as night and day as a lot of people make it out to be, but it definitely helps me with my appetite and that is something that makes it a whole lot better for me. I’ll definitely continue to drink it, but wanted to reflect on a few things.

Butter Brands Don’t Matter

I don’t know if this is just me, but I don’t really tell much of a difference in terms of either taste or in energy based on the brand of the butter that I am using. I’ve used three separate brands that are all natural and its pretty much the same across the board. As a result, I’ve started to go with whatever is cheapest at the time while still falling under the “grass fed” banner of the butters.

I’ve been sticking to one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of the oil per 8 oz of coffee and it seems to be a great ratio. If I have another cup later in the day, I’ll forgo the oil, but still add a tablespoon of the butter to my coffee. It really depends on the type of day I am having which determines if I have that second cup (or a third cup during a truly hectic day). It gets me by the day and I notice I consume less calories overall while still staying within my macros.

Easier to Wake

One of my biggest challenges has not been getting out of bed, but actually getting myself to a point where I feel awake. With the bulletproof coffee, I am noticing both I am awake earlier during the day (at around 8:20 I would say I am a normal person) and I am finding it easier to get to that point. When I first started, making that first cup of coffee was kind of a pain and I might not do it right away. Now, I am waking up 30 minutes before work and am making that coffee. This includes not cutting corners and ensuring that I am brewing it for the entire duration. It has become a part of my daily routine and a part of it that I actually value.

Personally, I don’t know if that is a result of the coffee itself, or if that is a result of just getting used to doing it. It’s very rare that I would have a situation where I would not have a cup of coffee made before 8 AM, unless I was having a rough time trying to sleep the night before. Sleep itself has become easier lately, but I think that’s a result of the dieting itself rather than the coffee.

Standing Desk

Unrelated to the coffee, I have invested in a standing desk for my general work area. I’ve done some research on the health benefits and it seems like I could genuinely benefit from using a standing desk, although I don’t think it is going to be a major source for losing weight. It should help me work on my legs and my lower back by slowly increasing the amount of time I will be standing each week. While I originally decided to start with around 30 minutes per day, I am already finding myself doing that multiple times per day. The end goal is to stand at least half of my work day, depending on what is going on. If I get used to it, there is no issue with standing the entire day.

Aside from the fact that its a standing desk with a motor controlling the height, it is a pretty sturdy desk compared to what I am used to using. There is a slight wobble during my aggressive typing when it is at standing height, but I would expect that from any desk that doesn’t weigh a thousand pounds as a way to keep it grounded. On top of that, I have it sitting on carpet which isn’t exactly the sturdiest place to be placing such a desk. Overall, I am pretty happy with how it is and with the amount of space that it offers me (60 inches by 30 inches of desk space). To say it was an upgrade would be an understatement.

There are still a couple of changes which need to be made to the set up, most notably getting an extension cord for my USB hub to be able to keep it on my desk. I’ve added one of those headset hangars to the side of my desk to put my wireless headset on which makes a world of difference for desk space. The amount of free space makes it easier for me to work on things at my desk instead of having to find a space to put something to work on it. Since I will be doing some controller repairs in the near future for my SDVX controller and a few older ones, that extra space is going to be essential.

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