Systems Analyst by day, Rhythm Gamer by night. I am always working on self improvement and trying to make things better. Puyo Puyo for life.

Kroger Boost Not Worth The Price


I’ve been on the fence about writing about this. When Kroger announced their new annual subscription service it was something I was instantly interested in. I’ve never really had a problem with the service they provide, and getting the delivery benefits among other things seemed like it would benefit me greatly. With nearly a year of using the service, I have had four major incidents...

Latest Round of Technology Improvements


Over the past week or so I went ahead and made some more investments in the infrastructure at home to give me both more flexibility in how I get things done and to resolve some issues with the wireless and wired networks. While none of these issues were critical, they could certainly break my concentration during times where concentration is important to ensure I don’t make mistakes...

Rebuilding My Blog


As is tradition I ultimately decided to go ahead and rebuild my blog from scratch as I wanted to bring my hosting back in-house. One of the main reasons for temporarily switching to a shared hosting solution was to simplify things while I was dealing with some personal issues. A lot of that is now behind me and I have a lot more confidence that I can manage and maintain my web infrastructure...

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