Sorting My Life Out


My past few years have been rather interesting. Since the start of 2018 I have lost over eighty pounds which has helped improve my health for the most part. Since starting a ketogenic diet I have found myself to be more energetic and happier overall. In 2019 I’ve started working on dealing with my depression and anxiety through improving my lifestyle and trying to change my mindset. While...

Improving 7-Key Performance / SDVX


I was recently clued on the existence of Yuancon after my other SDVX controller bit the dust due to lack of maintenance. Upon finding the website, I decided to see what others were saying about it and ended up joining the Discord server. As a result of everything I found, I went ahead and made the investment into a new controller (around $220 USD after all is said and done) and am eagerly...

Thoughts on Speedrunning HEARTBEAT


Ever since I first caught GDQ quite a few years ago the idea of speedrunning a game is something I have been very interested in. Whether it was watching the different events or watching people stream on Twitch, it was something I wanted to be involved in. The difficulty came in trying to find the right game for me. I first caught Games Done Quick in 2014 when I had moved down to Florida and...

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