Aesthemic is a rhythm game and puzzle addict. You'll find him posting random stuff on Twitter, struggling in Beatoraja, or getting destroyed in Puyo Puyo online. Unless otherwise stated, all content on the blog is written by him.

Skill Battle Doesn’t Work in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2


While I love a lot of the changes they made in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, the Skill Battle mode being thrown into Adventure mode really feels out of place, unbalanced, and ultimately breaks up the fun for me. In the video above, I show how you can somewhat easily break it with a bit of luck and using the right skills, but you shouldn’t need to rely on something like that to be able to make quick...

Starting Anew


Recently I have had a massive change in my life which has required me to look at things from a different perspective. As a result, I have decided to reshape my blog and start writing new articles and information from it. I’ll break down a few of the most recent revelations that have helped shape my worldview and to help people understand where I am coming from. Coming Out While I do not...