About Me

Online I go by the alias "Aesthemic". Chances are if you're finding this blog, you're either a search crawler created by one of the search engines out there, or you're someone that has found me through an online community. Either that, or something I have written on here has gotten shared, though that is something doubtful. Either way, I've written this page to give people an idea on what I am about.

At my very core I find myself to be an introvert. I do not like spending a lot of time with other people, but I do like being around my friends and family. I love having online discussions, but most of the time I find myself arguing with people on the Internet. While I am trying to limit how much of that I invest my time into, I cannot help it sometimes.

My interests are rather segmented, but if there is one thing that I find that connects all of my favorite things, it is music. Music is at the core of everything I do.

Japanese Animation (Anime)

I’ve been watching anime since before I even knew it as “anime”. Dragon Ball Z was a very large part of my childhood that it really impacted how I see the world around me. I had a very active imagination and would constantly think about the universe that DBZ took place in.

As I got older I naturally became interested in other series that had a more mature focus. Shows like Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin surely caught my attention.

You can find my “myanimelist” profile here: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Aesthemic

My current favorite seems to be the “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” series which has a rather… bizarre premise.

Rhythm Games

For nearly 15 years I have been playing different rhythm games at different capacities. It all started with a game called “Dance Dance Revolution” and eventually resulted in my registration on Flash Flash Revolution. StepMania is one of the rhythm games I have played the most.

Currently Playing: osu!mania and Lunatic Rave 2.

Musical Interests

Music is one of the things I find to be most important in my life. I listen to a variety of different genres and artists. My Bandcamp account has a lot of variety in it. I will have some pages dedicated to albums and artists that are highly influential to my lifestyle and to my taste in music as a whole.