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On the web I go by the alias “Aesthemic”. One of my greatest passions is learning about modern technology and the impact it has on our daily lives. Many experts in the field of psychology believe that social media and a constant connection to the Internet can have a negative impact on how we view society, but can also be a tool to improve our daily lives. This fascinating dichotomy is what keeps me interested in evolving technologies and new platforms.

Chances are if you’ve come across this website, you’ve been at least a bit curious as to what I do and the types of things I am interested in. Here’s a little bit about the things I am most passionate about:

Net Neutrality

While the current incarnation of the Federal Communications Commission has betrayed the American people and has reduced Net Neutrality to a mere concept that isn’t actually enforced, I am a firm believer that such a policy is vitally important for the safety and health of the Internet. At this time, it is easy for larger companies to be able to control the narrative online, restrict or slow access to content they deem unsuitable or against their own interests, and otherwise hamper one’s access to information through the use of the world wide web. While it should be the FCC’s explicit desire to enact and protect Net Neutrality guidelines, the current head of the FCC (Ajit Pai) is bought and paid for by major providers of Internet infrastructure to enforce precisely the opposite.

Professional Wrestling

Professional Wrestling is one of those things that people often roll their eyes about whenever the topics comes up due to the perception it has developed over the past two decades. During the “Attitude Era” both WCW and WWE (then WWF) did everything they could to get eyes on their product and as a result churned out some less-than desired content. As a result of this period of time wrestling gets a bad wrap today. Despite this, the professional wrestling industry is thriving around the world (though hampered due to the Coronavirus pandemic) in more ways than one. It has become popular in North America and Europe while also retaining and even regaining popularity in Japan and Mexico. Even countries like China and South Korea are starting to see an interest in training professional wrestlers.


While it should be fairly obvious, I am quite passionate about computers. Having built my past four desktop computers, I am all about getting hands on with my technology. You can learn more about the technology I use on a daily basis here.


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